Christmas Sweaters Naughty

We've never seen the full beauty underneath Cousin Eddie's bathrobe. But we like to imagine that hairy chest is full of tattoos with meaningful quotes like "Shi*tters full."
You don't live by traditional rules. Your spaghetti is laced with candy and syrup. You aren't afraid of a little cheer. You're the real thing. Elf life. #elflife
No matter how magical the candy cane -- it's not going to lick itself. Be a team player and help me out.
Your family may not be the smartest, the richest, the most successful. There might not be one relative on Santa's Nice list. But these a-holes are the jolliest.
That feeling when, you're dead inside -- but it's Christmas! Combat that crippling darkness with the twinkle of Christmas lights and this comfy long sleeve tee.
I don't normally do this, I swear. I never do this -- I just got caught up in the cheer. But I put out for Santa.
This year has been sort of grim. But I'm introducing a new carol for this holiday season. It's called "Now I have a machine gun. Ho ho ho." Festive isn't it?
How do you like your Christmas stockings? Full? Big? I like mine Well Hung -- right over the fireplace.
A match made in holiday heaven -- you and tree. Let me assure you, the tree is not the only thing getting lit this year. Happy Holidaze!
I always knew there was a little something saucy about that elf. He's thinking about you and he's touching the shelf. Shiver.
The ultimate one-liner from the ultimate Christmas movie. Yippee Ki Yay MF!!
It's the most wonderful time. Yes, the most wonderful time. Oh, the most wonderful time -- for a beer.
All the disgust of the horror classic -- with a fresh holiday twist! It's the Human Santapede!
Is Santa real? Ask your mom. She knows Santa, if you know what I mean.
They say that size doesn't matter -- but when it comes to Christmas presents, bigger is better. Let the world know what you have under your tree with this "I have a big package" tee. 
Maybe the holidays aren't your favorite time of year. If tinsel and festive tunes make you cringe, remember that the holidays are full of booze! So Drink up Grinches, it's Christmas!!
"That's what she said," Santa Claus. Santa's coming with the jokes this holiday season.
How was I this year, Santa? Naughty? Nice? How 'bout "I tried"?
Santa's ready to run around the world tonight! But first, where my ho's at?
Tis the season to be jolly. So, let's get lit! We'll match the lights on the tree and the house!
Maybe they haven't been so good this season, but you're no fair weather fan. Support your team with a sporty tee. Go Team Naughty!!
There's no room for arguement here. Lethal Weapon is a Christmas Movie. The proof is on the shirt.
When two of your favorite movies collide -- it makes for an epic shirt. I guess Cousin Eddie didn't see the red balloon!
This saucy snowman has a serious question for you. "Wanna kiss my carrot?" I hear it's good for your eyes.
The collection above my fireplace just keep growing and growing. I can't get enough of the ballet. You might say I'm a bit of a "Crack Addict."
Sometimes candy canes and carols aren't enough. I prefer to fill myself with the real holiday spirit -- it's called whiskey. I'm constantly warm with cheer.
A man of the night, Santa rocks. He channels his own form of dark magic to fit into your chimneys and eat your cookies. All Hail Santa!
Santa has been around the world a few times. It's best to take his advice for a happy holiday -- Always keep it wrapped!
A holiday compliment that's just too perfect. "Nice balls" is really all you need to say this Christmas.
Jingle bells? Not interested. You can jingle my balls though. You ho ho ho, you.
A shirt for the moment right before you hit the dance floor at the office Christmas party. Or right before you climb the too-tall ladder to hang the lights on the roof. Ho, ho, hold my beer -- and watch this.
I've been hitting the holiday spirit pretty hard. I'm full of it. Merry Drunk, I'm Christmas!!
Your tree is up the minute the Thanksgiving turkey is done. Your lights display makes the Griswolds look like dim nightlight. Your diet consists solely of gingerbread and candy canes. You're Christmas AF.
Ok, fine. You're a grown-up and don't believe in Santa Claus anymore. But just know, he doesn't believe in you either. And probably don't expect any presents.
Santa sees a lot of ho's. But I'm Santa's Favorite Ho. How do you think I stay on the Nice List?
Your letter got returned from the North Pole. And it reads, "I don't believe in you either, Santa."
Make Big Pun proud. The original player -- the Nutcracker. I'm not a playa -- I just crush a lot -- of nuts.
Santa is going unconventional this year. Your present isn't under the tree -- it's in the box. Merry Christmas, you ho ho ho.
Listen, I don't want to get rude -- but I can be nasty when my blood sugar is low. Bitch, better have my cookies!
It's chilly out there. Santa's gotta get those chestnuts warm somehow -- and the chimney is conveniently there. I'm just sayin'.
I know it's big and shiny, but have some decency. Stop staring at my package!
I may have never been picked for sports growing up. But I'm always first on the Holiday Drinking Team. Join us?
Sent to serve as toy making slaves all year long -- it's time to stop the madness. Elf lives matter.
I'm filled to the brim this year with holiday spirit. That is, I'm completely full of vodka. It's such a magical time of year.
Tis the season. For family, friends, food -- and having your life choices mocked at the dinner table.
Even reindeers can get arrested. Rudolph's mugshot is a reminder to not let the holiday celebrations get too out of control. Or inspiration to make yours more memorable.
Elves help Santa in any way possible -- even with keg stands. Such good little helpers! It's going to be a very jolly Christmas.
Can't help rolling your eyes at every ugly sweater party invite you get? We understand. That's why the Stupid Christmas Sweatshirt exists. It covers all your holiday obligations in one comfy, festive-enough long sleeve shirt. Shopping done.
I'm dreaming of a white -- and red -- Christmas this year. It's the holidays, there's no need to chose. Just don't spill on this white long sleeved tee.
A treat for a reindeer -- is a very different thing for the snowman!! This shirt is really a thinker.
Some people may say I'm a Grinch or a Scrooge. But I'm full of the holiday spirit. It's called Scotch!
His presidential campaign may have failed. But Deez Nuts is here to represent his constituents at Christmas.
After a long line of gatherings and crazy family members that starts in November -- you may be over it by Christmas time. Perhaps it's time to tell everyone to Merry Go F Yourself. Joy!
The presents are wrapped under the tree with care. Santa's out on a delivery. There's nothing else left to do -- Let's get elfed up!
The decorations are up. The food is cooking. There's only one thing left to do this holiday. Let's get lit! Find your holiday spirit of choice -- vodka, rum...
When you're born to a virgin on a wintery night, there's nothing you can be but #blessed. Remember the reason for the season, Instagram likes.
Santa is spilling the tea. He's not messing with ho, ho, hos. He's here to sleigh. #dying
Chirstmas Cheer? Christmas Beer? Aren't they really the same thing? Spread both with this festive long sleeved tshirt.
I like you and all. You're great. But if I'm being honest, all I want for Christmas is beer.
Now that I know what they're all about it. It seems extra rude -- and sad -- that the other reindeer wouldn't let Rudolph join in any reindeer games.
All year long, the elves work tirelessly to put toys into the hands of little boys and girls. On Dec 26 though, the North Pole looks a lot like this.
Dear Santa, it's not my fault I end up on the naughty list every year. It runs in the family. I get my attitude from -- well -- pretty much every woman I'm related to.
Lookout single ladies. Santa is on the prowl! He's Kringle, single, and ready to mingle. Also, prepared to jingle.
Maybe you shouldn't have friended Santa if you didn't want him to see your Facebook posts. You're getting a dictionary and clothes for Christmas!
I feel the holiday spirit coming on. Probably all the rum in my nog. It's time for Twerkin' Around the Christmas Tree. Our new family tradition.
The epitome of sibling rivalry -- turning Santa against them. I swear though, it's my brother's fault. Whatever it is.
Famous and rich enough to but all the world's children presents. But only works one night a year. Santa's the definition of Thug Life. #thuglife
The real OG, Jesus Christ, is here to remind us what the holidays are all about. Getting more likes. #Blessed
There's the reason for the season -- and then there's the reason Santa has a naughty list. Celebrate all the fun you had the past year in this playful long sleeved shirt. You might even find another Naughty List devotee.
Santa's here and ready to party! Crack open the nog and bottom's up!
We always hear about how Santa likes Nice. But he has a bit of a naughty side -- and it's showing this year. Santa let the thong slip!
Winter weather brings out the peppermint latte, Ugg-wearing crowd by the millions. Snow's out, ho ho ho's out -- as the ancient saying goes.
Dear Santa, I know my actions seem a bit naughty this year. But I swear, it's my sister's fault!
Can you believe? It's here again. The most wonderful time -- for a beer. End the year right, full of beer!
Sorry, but there are just certain things that land you on the Santa's naughty list. Nothing for you, whore.
He brings me candy canes, peppermints, and loads of presents. Santa is my sugar daddy.
When I go shopping for a shirt, I want something that really speaks to me. If it can combine two of my favorite things -- I buy it immediately. And that's why I own this shirt. It's poop. With a Santa Hat. Does it get any better?
When Aunt Edna start yammering about her cats. When your boss drinks too much at the office holiday party. When the store it out of peppermint mocha creamer. This "What the Efl?" shirt covers it all.
Bad decisions fueled by eggnog. Worth it. Dear Santa, I don't care how long I'm on the naughty list. That was fun.
The favorite of Santa's reindeer is here -- and he's ready to party. Let's get Blitzened.
Santa's got a big surprise for the birthday boy! Happy Birthday Jesus!!
I thought Jesus was the only one who could judge? You don't know me. Santa, don't judge me bro.
I love Jesus and all -- but I drink a little. I'm the world's okayest Christian.
Just because the snaps get deleted, doesn't mean Santa didn't see them. He saw your Snapchat -- and you're getting a dictionary and clothes for Christmas!
I just can't help it -- it's the spirit of the season. When I think about you, I touch my elf.
Finally, a family friendly way to respond all the stressors of the holiday season. Crazy relatives. Hours of cooking. Overcrowded malls. "Vurt de Furk."
All I heard growing up was, "Be good or you'll end up on the naughty list." If Santa knows when I'm sleeping, and knows when I'm awake -- then he knows I'm a BA bitch.
Santa's dipped into the nog and might get put on his own naughty list this year. This shirt is censored and suitable for all family-friendly events.
It's the special time of year again. There's nog and wine at every turn. There's rum cakes and festive shots. There's family members getting on your nerves. Time to get Ho Ho Hammered!!
There's wasted -- and then there's eggnog wasted. This is a special kind of magic that only happens around the holidays -- and usually at the company Christmas party. We had to make a shirt to celebrate the creamy beverage that inspired the infamous pants-free dance of '08.
I see you when you're sleeping, I know when you're awake. I promise it isn't that creepy.... You've been naughty and I like it!
Tired of hearing me sing Christmas carols? Think my gingerbread cookies suck? Bite me. I'm jolly and I don't care.
Listen, Santa, I know it looks bad. Naughty even. I just need you to know, I was framed!!
Come on up on Santa's lap and tell me what you want -- what you really, really want? A rewind to the '90s. You got it in this shirt.
I love this time of year 'cause I get to hang with those most important to me. Santa's my homeboy. He brings presents and he eats major cookies -- what's not love?
I don't know if this is going to be a surprise for you or not since it happens every year butt... Merry Christmas, I'm drunk!
For the person on your personal naughty list. All I want for Christmas is you -- naked. Give this a go under the mistletoe and see where the shirt takes you -- or takes off.
Frosty must have gotten in with the wrong crowd. This snowman's head has left his body. Luckily, it'll all melt soon enough.
Santa sees everything, even your Instagram feed. Maybe it's not enough to land you on the naughty list, but he knows what to get you for Christmas. A dictionary and clothes!
Snowman have two major enemies -- the sun and reindeers. Please, not my carrot!
There's always going to be a bigger, better, hotter gift to open next. I don't blame distracted boyfriend, I want to know what's under that gift wrap!
I swear, I tried to be nice all year. I just slipped a bit. I'm hoping Rudolph eats the naughty list. Then Santa will just think we're all nice!
It's the special time of year again. There's nog and wine at every turn. There's rum cakes and festive shots. There's family members getting on your nerves. Time to get Ho Ho Hammered!!
Santa Claus is coming. The ultimate "that's what she said" joke in a holiday form.
There's something about the holiday season that makes certain things acceptable that aren't the rest of the year. Like mixing rum with dairy. It just works. Let's get eggnog wasted and spread the holiday cheer.
Santa has to support all those children somehow! He's making that North Pole work for him. Werk it Santa!
Have a lot of corporate events to attend this holiday season? We have your uniform right here. Say to the room, Hello, I'm naughty!
People always ask me what I want for Christmas, but it's hard to be honest. What am I getting for Christmas this year? Drunk. Drunk is what I'm getting. I get drunk every year!
This festive tee allows you to do what you usually do with deer heads -- but in happy holidays sort of way. Mounted Rudolph looks fantastic!



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