When you're really serious about the holidays there's only one place to call -- Griswold's Exterior Illumination. Ask for Sparky.
Why is the carpet all wet, Todd? I don't know, Margo -- but this shirt is fantastic. Get both this long sleeve tee and the "I don't know, Margo" for you and your sweetie. You'll win all the holiday parties.
Nearly 30 years later and we still don't know -- why IS the carpet is all wet, Todd? I don't know Margo, but I do know this is the perfect long sleeved tee for vacation. Pair with the "Why is the Carpet all Wet?" tee for the perfect couples costume....
There's nothing wrong with being home alone if you have classic Christmas movies and a comfy tee. Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animal. This one's for you.
Talking to your lost child on the upside-down through Christmas lights? It's a stranger Christmas -- especially when Aunt Edna comes.
Santa doesn't care if you're on his naughty list. "I love it when you call me Big Papa" ~ Santa Claus.
I'm a real OG of Christmas. A gangsta wrapper that's still deep in the game. Bow life.
You serious, Clark? This is the best holiday shirt you're going to find! Wear it all Christmas for an instant laugh.
There's never a bad time of year to proudly wear the Gadsden flag. "Don't tread on me" is a fantastic message to send to family members and close-talking co-workers.
It's the holidays. So much to be happy for. Don't be a cotton headed ninny muggins! But do get this shirt to make your holiday brighter.
How was I this year, Santa? Naughty? Nice? How 'bout "I tried"?
Carb load on candy and hit the bar. It's going to be a very Merry Liftmas this year!
Add decorating the Christmas tree to things that T-Rex hates. It's hard to be jolly when you can't reach the top to add the star.
You can see my house from space. The neighbors have to wear sunglasses. The Griswold's ain't got nothin' on me. I'm just too lit to quit.  
T-rex is trying to stay cheerful through this holiday season, even with his crappy little arms. It's no use though -- T-Rex hates presents.
The one corporate Christmas party you will actually want to attend -- the Nakatomi Corporation. Die Hard Fans -- welcome to the party, pal!
Everyone knows it -- but not everyone will admit it. There is definitely a best Jesus -- and it's sweet baby Jesus. Carry his holiness with you and never lose the Christmas spirit. Amen.
I'm coming in hard at Christmas this year. I like to party hard. And by that I mean bake Christmas cookies. Jolly carbs!
Maybe sports haven't been your thing -- but you can sling a mean gingerbread. Join the Holiday Baking Team!
Let's pull out the wrapping paper and ribbons. Maybe enjoy some catnip and party. I'm feline festive! Meow.
Santa's never quite sure which list to put me on. I'm both naughty and nice. I like to call it "multitasking." Balance, am I right?
Salt Bae is here to deliver a cheerful holiday message in the way only he can. Merry Christmas!
Dear Santa, I'm going to be honest with you. I haven't been perfect this year, I've been good-ish. Good enough right?
Santa and Jesus are Christmas BFFs! Don't they just take the perfect selfie? #friendgoals
The season is upon us. Jesus is ready to "party like it's my birthday" and you're invited. He is the reason for the season, after all.
Forget winter. Santa is Coming and he wants his rightful spot on the candy cane throne as ruler of the North Pole and distributor of all the kingdoms' toys.
I'm not dreaming of a white Christmas. A Cat Christmas is what I fancy (feast). All cats, all season. Thanks, Santa!
Now that you've put up the tree and hung the stockings with care, it's time to show Instagram your holiday cheer. Let's take an #elfie and make our exes jealous.
All I want for Christmas is Dinos in Christmas Sweaters. Since dinos no longer walk the earth, I'll settle for a sweet tee with dinos in sweaters instead -- the next best thing.
Don't mind my rosy cheeks and numb fingers. It's a magical time of year and I'm going to spend it chillin' with my snowmies.
The perfect holiday workout for winos. Twist. Pull. Repeat.
I know it seems like I should be on the Naughty List. It looks bad. But Santa, please let me explain...
Before it had a name, Santa was a trendsetter. Mr. Claus was the original Dad Bod. Keep the cookies coming.
When the holiday spirit gets to you, there's just no other way. Find me Dabbing through the Snow this holiday. Santa's got movez.
Lifting all those presents is a brutal workout. He's been carb-loading with candy. Santa is looking North Swole!
We have to be inclusive of all living creatures -- even if they have freaky, glowing red noses. Let's use Rudolph's story to End Bullying!
The stress of the holiday is getting to me. Please, just feed me candy and tell me I'm pretty.
Set the doves and confetti free -- Birthday Boy is in the house! Happy Birthday Jesus! Let's party!
A shirt for the Grinch in all of us. Assert your personal space when that creep from accounting corners you under the mistletoe. Let him know you wouldn't touch him -- not with a thirty-nine and half foot pole.
Snap hot dog is on another adventure -- the North Pole. Who knows where he'll show up next? Santa's lap?
Pops loves a good pun -- and this one has holiday spirit! This long sleeve tee will hug that dad bod perfectly. Feliz Navi-Dad!!
A shirt to document one of the most romantic scenes of all time, the Hawkins Middle School Snow Ball of '84. Nothing strange about that!
Oh you fancy, huh? Santa's got some words for you: First things, first, I'm the realest! Believe.
The snow and the tempurature are falling. So are my inhibitions. Are you Yeti to Party?
Jesus wants to know if you're DTF. Down to forgive?
Finally shirt that's perfect for every casual or formal occasion. Family Christmas. Holiday office party. Winter wedding. The Christmas tuxedo covers it all.
Eggnog made. Ham in the oven. Stockings hung. The tree is up -- complete with star. You could say I'm sleigh-in-it this Christmas.
Expose the myth that in order to be jolly, you have to jiggle like a bowl full of jelly. Introducing, the North Swole Gym -- where Santa goes to get jacked.
This is how I roll during Hanukkah. Yamaka on, dreidels spinning. For eight crazy nights.



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